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  Content Extra Time:45min Proofing Sodium In Bread Nature’s Own Butter Bread The Fresh Loaf Is Rye Bread A Complex Carb? What Can I Eat Instead Of Bread? The Health Benefits Of High Gluten Flour No 12: Potato Bread 11 Although the beneficial microbes in the starter tend to be lost during the baking process, the fibre and plant compounds, called polyphenols, become more bio-available. These act as an important fuel source for our gut microbes, which makes sourdough gut-friendly. In addition to this, and unlike many commercially produced breads, sourdough has less of an impact on blood sugar levels. It’s generally made by combining white flour with a natural bacteria and yeast. The end result is free of added sugars and has probiotic fibers that are good for gut health. It’s a bit healthier than white bread, but the nutrition stats don’t quite compare to whole wheat or multigrain…

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